Mulch & Gardening Materials

We sell many gardening products by the yard, everything we carry is from local companies. All of our mulch is made from Pine and supplied by Oakwoods Lumber in Berwick, ME. Our ‘Surf n Turf Compost’ and ‘Super Soil Blend’ comes from Benson Farm in Gorham, ME.  Pick-up is available at the farm. A full-sized truck or trailer is recommended or you can arrange for delivery to your home. For delivery in our truck, there is a 2-yard minimum with a maximum capacity of 5 yards. We only deliver locally, so please call to see if you are within range and schedule. Delivery fee is $45.00

Dark Blend Mulch

One of our most popular! This is a naturally aged, dark mulch. It is a blend of pine bark and forestry grindings. Perfect for the gardener or landscaper who wants a dark mulch base without an added colorant. Double ground for fine, consistent texture.

$52.00/yard +tax

Carbon Black Mulch

This mulch is our dark blend mulch that is finely ground and color enhanced for a VERY dark color. The grind process produces a fine textured product for consistent color that lasts longer through the season.

$52.00/yard +tax


Premium planting soil.
Your garden needs a good home.

$42.00/yard +tax

Surf n Turf Compost

A rich blend of primarily oceanic residuals and cow manure, fully composted to a dark, odorless dirt with flecks of shell.

$62.00/yard +tax

Super Soil Blend

Loam blended with Surf n' Turf and screened for a uniform product, perfect for starting any new gardening project.

$62.00/yard +tax

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